What do the Label Codes for Produce Mean?

Do you know the stickers attached to fruit and vegetables have a reason to exist?  I do not like them to much because they are hard to remove.  Some time to soak the veggies in water with vinegar helps remove such labels.  But anyhow this is how the code works.  In every item there is a “price look up number.”  This is also known as the PLN.  In this brief article Wellness by Nature gives clarification in this important issue-read labels and stay healthy

Simple Explanation

  1. Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables have 4 digits and start with 3 and 4
  2. Organically grown fruits and vegetables have 5 digits and start with the number 9
  3. Genetically modified fruits and vegetables have 5 digits and start with number 8

For example a Lemon

Conventionally grown would be 4033

Organically grown would be 94033

GMO grown would be 84033

The United Sates is one of the industrialized countries which do not mandate GMO labeling.  As we already explained in one of our articles, Genetically Modified Organisms might work against a sound wellness program; consequently, Wellness by Nature does not endorse its consumption.

If you want to learn more about codes go to the International Federation for Produce Standards

This is a seasonal food guide for the State of Florida so you might want to print and keep

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