Natural Therapies: Two Gorgeous Plants: Aloe Vera and Lavender

If you’ve ever said, “I cannot sleep” or “I can’t stop tossing around“, then I have some great news for you.  I recently discovered two plants that can make the difference in your sleeping quarters.  In Wellness by Nature, we are always seeking natural methods to energize your being.  Today we can learn about two plants that can help you to sleep better, to breathe better and to toss around less.   Speak and share with your doctor.  Maybe even give him a plant or two and have fun- in fact have a Wellness by Nature kind of day!

Aloe Vera Plant  

I travel to Mexico quite often.  It is a beautiful country and full of amazing things.   This is the place where I learned about this magical plant.  Aloe Vera is a member of the Lily family.  Aloe Vera is a perennial plant that resembles a Cactus. It is a xerophyte.  This means that it thrives in warm and arid areas.  Scientists believe that the Aloe Vera came from Africa.


Aloe Vera’s thick, tapered, spiny leaves grow from a short stalk near ground level. Aloe Vera is a member of the Lily family, such as the onion, garlic, and turnip.   Aloe Vera’s relationship to the Lily family is evident from the tubular yellow flowers produced annually in the spring that resemble those of the Easter lily.

Besides being an antibiotic, stringent, immune system enhancer, there is one main reason why this plant makes an excellent companion in your room.  Most house plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.  Aloe Vera increases oxygen while you sleep and remove toxins and filter pollutants from the air.

Lavender Plant 

When I was in Egypt, I learned that a midst the mummies of Egypt, there was lavender.    Lavender is both a garden ornamental and an herb. A member of the mint family, it is grown for its aromatic spikes of purple flowers.  There are over 30 types of Lavender.

Lavender might have come from Arabia and came to Europe through Greece.  From Greece, the plant traveled to France, Italy, Spain, and other nations of Europe.  Historians believe this to be so, because this plant has appeared in mummified bodies in the Arabian Peninsula, as mentioned above.  The Romans used lavender for cooking and for scenting the bath water.  In England, Kings used lavender in their pillows as well as flower vases.


Lavender has unique and natural therapeutic properties.  For example, Lavender is helpful with insomnia and the oil of the lavender can help with the healing of minor skin sores.  As a tea, Lavender is helpful to release stress; lavender helps with viruses in the mouth.  Overall, this is an excellent natural herb. 

The reason why a small Lavender plant helps during sleeping hour, besides giving oxygen, it has sudden sleeping inducing properties.  There is also the fact that the scent of lavender can make your bedroom very welcoming.

So do you need a better night of rest?  Then, try these two natural plants and have a restful sleep.  You can buy these plants at the local nursery or by mail order

In conclusion,


Aloe Vera increases oxygen while you sleep and remove toxins and filter pollutants from the air.  And a small Lavender plant helps during sleeping hour because it has sudden sleeping inducing properties.   Buy both, plant them in a nice little flower pot and sleep better, while allowing Wellness by Nature to feed your mind, soul, and body!



“We shall find a cleanly room
lavender in the windows
and twenty ballads stuck about the wall.”

From: Izaak Walton The Compleat Angler 1653-55



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