My Personal Wellness Contract

My Personal Wellness Contract

 Be Committed to Gain Back What You Once Had: Zest for Life that enable Mind, Soul and Body to maintain a healthy Balance – To Live in the Land Of Wellness

My Name:                                                                   Date of Commitment:

I would like to engage and improve my level of wellness.

I believe that a higher level of wellness will bring me powerful benefits that are important to me, my family, and my community.

I am ready to take responsibility for making and sustaining changes in all area of wellness.

I am ready and convicted to invest at least three months to make improvements.

I will be open and forthcoming , and I will share personal information that is relevant to wellness.

I am ready to address issues that are hindering my wellness.

I am open to new ideas and trying new systems and methods.

I understand that setbacks are normal on the path of transformation and necessarily in order to achieve my Wellness Goals.

I will ask for the help, support, feedback, or resources I need.  I acknowledge that Wellness by Nature is there to provide support.

I will develop goals in all areas of Wellness that I need to improve on.

I will share those goals with my accountability partner of choice, a counselor, or a coach

I will share victories as well as setbacks.  There is no defeat, only new opportunities.  I will be graceful to myself and others.

I will have conversations with my physician and engage him about my desires for wellness.

My Three basic goals for this period are:

Mind: _______________________________________________________________________

Soul: ________________________________________________________________________

Body: _______________________________________________________________________

My Accountability Partner is: _____________________________________________________

This is how I can contact my accountability partner: ____________________________________

This is my personal contract for wellness and I am ready to take responsibility for my state of wellness. 

Candelaria Brown

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