A Beautiful Woman Is…. The Beauty Quotient

A Beautiful Women Is…

Beauty and Wellness

Most likely as you began to read this, you are probably thinking about a beautiful woman in the typical perspective of a Hollywood movie star.  Through a series on television commercials, magazine ads, public opinions, you have been lead to create a mental picture of what a beautiful woman might be.

And chances are that the mental picture would reflect something close to a gorgeous, angelical, a being that could have come from out of this world.

Instead of focusing on the popular Hollywood view of beauty, I would like to share with you something that I read not long ago in the web site of a very smart plastic surgeon doctor. This is what he says:

“It is my assertion that each woman has a Beauty Quotient.”

beauty quotient diagram

This quotient is made up of three distinct categories: Physical Health, Psychological Health, and Personal Appearance:

  • Physical Health consists of corporeal characteristics that define a woman’s beauty, and trust me — each and every woman has physical characteristics that are truly beautiful. A woman’s face or body can be structurally imperfect, but still exquisite.
  • Psychological Health involves one’s personality, intelligence, and sensitivity, and warmth, sense of humor, attitude, and overall level of confidence.
  • Personal Appearance includes your beauty routine. This involves habits regarding skin-care regimen, hair and makeup routines, wardrobe, posture, and style.

You can read the whole article here.

Notice, this definition goes beyond the physical appearance.  It considers physical health and emotional health. This combination is simply wellness.  Wellness at its core is a stage of a healthy mental and physical equilibrium.  By keeping up with nourishing foods and physical activity, you can achieve this. Your beauty then becomes a combination of tangible factors and achievable goals.  So for this week do something very simple – mediate on your personal definition of beauty.  Ask yourself “Do I seek the Hollywood standard or do I align my thoughts with the wise plastic surgeon and find my Beauty Quotient quite satisfactory?

Remember, Beauty and Wellness is about enhancing, in a very natural way, the beauty that you already possess… just polish it a little so that your mind, heart, and soul play with one another in a symphony of love and grace.

I would like to leave you with one of my own created quotes:

“Goodness reveals your beauty because it is so radiant that those around you can’t help but to notice it.”

Candelaria H. Brown



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