Do You Enjoy Good Laughter?

Feed Your Spirit with Humor

Read this joke and laugh aloud!

What did the doctor tell her invisible patient? A: “I can’t see you today.”

Humor, which is one of the least spiritual staples we used today, is a wonderful food for the body and the spirit. With humor you can improve your mood; facilitate a positive and energetic encounter; engage others. In this very little article, I will facilitate learning about humor, and how you can use it to have fun, enjoy life and feel alive. Laugh with your doctor and read Wellness by Nature.


These are the profits of a good laughter:

Improve sense of well-being

Reduce anxiety and tension

Exercise the heart

Improve stamina

Reduce depression

Techniques to add humor to your life

  • Look up the comics in the newspapers
  • Read humor books (they go really good with tea or coffee)
  • Cut up cartoons which appeal to you (my son sends me cartoons)
  • Try to tell a joke (even if you do as bad as I do)
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Paid attention to what children say (some is really funny)
  • Spend time with people who like to laugh

Caution: Be aware of “negative humor”

There is such a thing as negative humor. It is humor laced with sarcasm. It is can be hostile and full of hostility. This you need to avoid. This humor would not feed your spirit.

Life And The Spirit


A Joke

There was a barber that thought that he should share his faith with his customers more than he had been doing lately. So the next morning when the sun came up and the barber got up out of bed he said, “Today I am going to witness to the first man that walks through my door.”

Soon after he opened his shop the first man came in and said, “I want a shave!” The barber said, “Sure, just sit in the seat and I’ll be with you in a moment.” The barber went in the back and prayed a quick desperate prayer saying, “God, the first customer came in and I’m going to witness to him. So give me the wisdom to know just the right thing to say to him. Amen.”

Then quickly the barber came out with his razor knife in one hand and a Bible in the other while saying “Good morning sir. I have a question for you… Are you ready to die?”

So today when you go out, look at the world through the face of humor. Humor and laughter are known therapies which help combat disease. Above all, a good sense of humor is a wonderful meal to the spirit – laugh heartily and laugh aloud.


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