Do You Bounce Back After Challenges? Resiliency Is A Good Thing!

This is one of the Healthiest Manners to deal with Concerns

In ecology, resilience is the animal’s ability to respond to trepidation or turbulences by resisting damage or recovering quickly.  The most resilient animal is called a water-bear or Tardigrades. This animal can survive being frozen or boiled, and live over 150 years. Amazing isn’t? Bacteria have the least resilience as it can be eliminated quickly.

Animals are fascinating. In this short article, I will give you a brief explanation of this powerful skill and how you can use it to live a healthier life. Read about animals as they have a lot to teach us. Share in your knowledge. Develop this amazing skill and be well – read my articles and send me an e-mail. I love company!

On the Road Again…to Resilience

This is one of my favorite definitions of resilience

“Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges of all kinds–trauma, tragedy, personal crises, plain ‘ole’ life problems–and bounce back stronger, wiser, and more personally powerful.”

Pain, headache, traumas, are a normal part of our lives. Once the situation manifests itself we have choices in the way we respond. Let me give you an example. Tardigrades have a kind of behavioral/physiological adaptation. This is a key factor in the resiliency they demonstrate when under attack. Pains and traumas are attacks on the well-being. At the point of attack we can either succumb to the attack or attempt to find a way out. For example, bacteria given the right amount of antibiotics will flip out and be all confused. Again, it does not have the sophisticated level of behavioral adaptation practiced by the Tardigrades.

My dog likes to play deaf when she gets in trouble. Her way to make amends is to wag her tail and walk slowly and lick my leg – I guess this can be seen as a type of resiliency in my four legged fuzzy buddy: Apologize little dog or no food! (Just kidding.)

Now as the Tardigrades have this behavioral and physiological adaptation inherent to them, I believe that we humans do also. In fact, part of my thesis states that resiliency allows us to lift the spirit up while providing a healthy system to deter mental anguish, illnesses, and the overall spiritual suffering which might come from daily living.

The difference between us and the Tardigrades is the automatic reaction. We do not automatically take out the magnificent weapon, Resiliency. We need practice. We have it stored inside our being, but we need to take it out and begin to use it. It would do you wonders!

Why Is Resiliency Important To Our Well Being?

Resilience is a pathway to adjust our emotions. This is so because through resilience we are lead mentally and spiritually to an awareness of our emotions, which relieves stress and pain from our being.

Resilience is a pathway to seek solutions. This is so because through resilience we are obliged to seek a course of action.

Resilience is a pathway to gain positive energy. This is so because one is compelled to practice self-control and find the least aggressive and most positive solution to a concern.

Resilience is a path to consider past experiences under a new light, which give us the ability to let go of hurts, forgive, and consider wellness.

Well, I am trying not to make my articles as lengthy! Though I must said they are excellent, I do not want to lose you – make yourself a cup of java, tea, or make one of my healthy juices and please take a couple minutes to send me an e-mail.

Second Part Next Week – I know, you can hardly wait!  😆

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