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The importance of Communication in our Life Journey. In the age of electronic communication, many individuals seem to have a hard time communicating feelings, thoughts, and ideas the old fashion way, face to face.  This type of communication is indispensable in close relationships. 

For example, a child needs to closely communicate with his mother, a friend with his pal, a teacher with a student.  Of course, we are not talking about the communication of individuals passing by.  The communication that we are referring to are ones needed to get to know those around us in a deeper way through a nurturing relationship.  I call this communication with significance.  In community we need open and honest connection that can lead to understanding others so that they can understand us, which is key to have a meaningful relationship with those we chose to relate – this is the Wellness by Nature aim in communications.

But what is communication with significance?

This is a concept developed totally by Wellness by Nature.  Since we are in the business of transforming people’s lives for the betterment of individual and the community, we are continually thinking outside the box.  Feel free to share and even use our terms.  But please tell everyone else about us – we love people around here!

Communication with significance is an encounter that seeks to deeply share ideas, feelings, and perspectives in a current situation, within the framework of a meaningful association which occurs between two or more people.  We can communicate by using verbal, written, and non-verbal expressions.      

Sings-and-Communication-and-Wellness-by=Nature (300x264)Definitions:

1-    Significance: the meaning of the encounter is important and it does not matter how trivial the topic might be. For example, my son calls me to let me know about a seminar that he took.  It is trivial to me, but significant to him and consequently, it becomes significant and important to me.  The significance comes from the relationship and not necessarily the topic.  The glue, the bond is the relationship, one of rooted significance, fostering a quality exchange.

2-    Meaningful Association: means that the relationship of those involved in the encounter have a connection in which there is an emotional validated lure to want to listen, reflect, and answer.  The center of the association, the validated emotional lure is essential to both parties.  A contrasting situation would be the sales person who randomly calls you to sell a fire alarm.  This encounter has no significance to you or him, as there is an absence of a meaningful association.

3-    Emotional validated lure: is an interchange of ideas, feelings, and perspective based on an exchange of a selfless guided honesty and availability.  The exchange of ideas, feelings, and perspectives has attained the necessary level of trust and safety to freely convey the message.  This is consequential to the meaningful association of the parties involved in the exchange.

4-    Trust and Safety in Emotional Validation: simply means that parties can share without the fear of condemnation or judgment. This is one of the highest and most productive levels of communications.

Barriers to Communication with Significance

Apprehension: at times, this occurs when the ideas, feelings, and perspectives are being sabotaged by fear of being misunderstood.

Specific Emotional Barricades: at times, this occurs when there is a need to justify our actions and placing our responsibility on someone else.

Deficiency in the Purpose: the communication with a purpose seeks to get to know those around us in a deeper way. If the communication does not thrive to do so, it is missing the purpose.

Concealment: this occurs when one or both parties do not share all the needed facts in order to bring forth significance and foster the meaningful association.

Absence of transparency: this occurs when there is lack of truth and trust.  This too will diminish the significance and the meaningful association.

Implicit messages: this usually occurs when individuals use body to convey messages that can easily be clarified by the spoken word.

Helpful Ideas

Practice calmness: remove apprehension as much as possible.  Remember, you are sharing with someone that is part of your “chose to relate” group of individuals.  As a life coach, I can attest that every earthly issue has a solution.

Oppose justification of negative actions: seek thoughtful and wise solutions.  You should seek to have communication with meaning, not to justify actions.

Exercise honesty: do not conceal facts, the significance and the association are undermined when there is concealment.

Press for transparency:  trust and truth are liberating, and you are with a person you already knows, a meaningful association underlines safety.

Avoid using your body to convey messages:  instead use the word in a clear way.  Also, even in meaningful association it is difficult to read body languages or even minds.

One more thing, a communication with significance is one of the highest levels of communication.  This communication seeks the depth and not the trivial.  It seeks to better individuals and community lives. It is relevant to the individual’s life, but the results affect the community, because the end results in a healthier way to communicate, the nourishing way.  Our world of electronics calls for a respite, an oasis for souls eager to grow for a better future, one to which Wellness by Nature is totally committed to!

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The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives


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