Coaching: How To Deal With An Unthinkable Tragedy

Dealing With The Tragedy of Losing a Relative During A Holiday 

Tragedies are harsh.  They hit your heart and stomach hard and can leave you breathless.  This is even worse when involves the loss of a family member, and especially around the Holiday Season.  I know because the death of my dear brother Juan was tragic and sudden!  It resembled a catastrophe, an emotional tsunami.  More so, during the Christmas Holiday, a time of Joyful family celebrations, I had to learn how to deal with an unthinkable tragedy.  You need to begin to heal, just like I did.  This post will give you 10 strategies to help you deal with the death of a relative so close to Christmas, and began the process of healing.

10 Strategies To Cope With The Sudden Death Of A Family Member

  1. Cry hard: cry releases sadness and it is good for the soul
  2. Breathe purposely:  tragedies tend to take the air out of your body.  Sit on a chair or floor, close your eyes, hold both hands together in a fist breathe in, hold breath, count to 3 and release.  Do these “breathing exercise” 10 times up to 3 sets or more.
  3. Share your pain: call someone that loves you unconditionally and share your feelings.  You are dealing with tragedy of losing a relative around a very special Holiday so this is okay – Share away!
  4. Ask and Receive help: this can be as simple as the person wanting to provide a meal, come over or even a prayer – do not turn the person away.
  5. Release you relative: when my brother died, I wanted to hold on to him as if he was a live (denial).  One day I simply said, “Juan I know that you are no longer in this Earth but today I am letting you go, I am locking you in my heart, until I see and hug you again.”  You can also do this in writing and place in a drawer.
  6. Find a cause: honor your relative with something as simple as to make a monetary donation or donate food and toys for the Holidays.  I donated turkeys.  Juan favorite holiday meal was a nice sliced of roasted turkey and gravy!  I expressly said to the chosen organization, “My brother Juan passed and I am donating these turkeys in his memory.”  They were pleased and allowed me to share a little about him – this is food for your soul!
  7. Treasure an item: that belongs to your relative.  I chose and old t-shirt that I now is among my treasures. It can also be a book, a rock, a toy.
  8. Celebrate with him: I have a tradition now in which I display photographs of my loved deceased relatives.  Dealing with the tragedy of losing a relative around Christmas is tough; seeing their faces gives me peace and even joy – think of the silly things that they did! It is okay to mix up tears with laughter.
  9. Allow for time: you would not forget your relative but the pain gets easier as time goes by – do not be a prisoner of pain.
  10. Seek professional help: as always, Wellness by Nature recommend that you have a conversation with your physician. He can greatly help you during this time of grief.

An Unthinkable Tragedy can occur at any time.  You need to heal.  One thing that you do not want to do is allow pain to hold you as a prisoner. In order to do this, there are in this post, 10 Strategies dealing with the tragedy of losing a relative during the Christmas Holiday.

In Review, some of these strategies at your disposal are:

  • Cry
  • Breathe
  • Share
  • Ask and receive
  • Release
  • Find
  • Treasure
  • Celebrate
  • Allow time to heal your heart
  • Seek help


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I would like to leave you with a quote:

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” By Kahlil Gibran

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