Think Before You Update… How Social Media Can Put Your Family in Danger

“Social media is like a snowball rolling down the hill. It’s picking up speed. Five years from now, it’s going to be the standard.” – Jeff Antaya, chief marketing officer of Plante Moran

This quote is just an indication that social media will remain.  If you wish to remain in please be careful and practice safety.  Wellness by Nature likes to help you out navigate this world. We hope you read these articles and help other by simply sharing!  Be well

These are some facts you need to know

1-    Whatever you publish on cyber space never disappears.  Even though a person might change or delete a profile, once someone publishes something, it becomes public domain.  This includes photos, article, notes, etc.

2-    Crime is on the rise in the internet and these include FB.  These are some examples of recent crime activity connected to FB:

  • A person posted that she would take a long vacation.  The criminals found her address and stole household goods.
  • A person posted that she was alone in her house.   A criminal broke into her house and raped the women.
  • A sophisticated group of cyber-criminals use FB to install spyware sophisticated software in order to steal credit cards and passwords.
  • A person posted a video of another person engaging on sexual relations and caused the person its life.
  • A predator used a fictional persona to lure minors into cyber friendship, lure them to meet them in person and abused them sexually.

3-    Recent Scams in FB (FBI)

  • An increase number of people asking for donations to burry a child or a relative
  • Use of programs to extract account banking information linked to FB and mobile phones (criminals use profiles and match bank accounts with names.)
  • Stealing Social Security numbers and opened up credit cards accounts.

4-    Prevention measures:

  • Read the permission request on apps.   This can help you identify a scam.
  • Communicate with those that you know and evaluate friendship request as you would normally – criminal are using fake identities to break into people profiles and use the profiles to commit crimes.
  • When agreeing to something READ the fine print.
  • Use strong privacy settings – change passwords often.
  • Share only when necessary
  • Keep up to date security software and use it on regular basis.
  • DO not share information that you would not normally share on a phone call, such as your social security number.
  • The federal government has the task to prosecute internet and cyberspace crime but they only go after serious crimes – it is your responsibility to protect yourself.
  • DO NOT let the world know that you are alone in your house– this can cause your life.

5-    A short note on photos: know that the internet child pornography and sexual crime law includes any photo of a naked child, even if it is a cute pick of a nice or grandson – the law can prosecute this as a crime if someone pursue a legal charge against you; some companies due check profiles in FB before hiring – a compromising picture might affect your opportunity.


Well, since I use FB often, I wanted to share some things that I think are important.  Though this was covered in a Yahoo and Google seminar I attended last week, please use common sense and protect yourself.  Please read other articles in Wellness by Nature and send me an e-mail

Cande says:

“Your safety is not only yours…it  that of your family also…so be careful!”

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