Children’s Health: Fatty Livers

Accordingly to the Mayo Clinic, 10% of all children have fatty liver disease.

Fatty liver disease is linked to disproportionate weight gain and obesity.  However, if given early treatment, children can overcome this disease.

More so, if not controlled on time, this disease can develop into chronic liver disease.  In the next couple weeks, Wellness by Nature will address some children’s diseases.  It is our hope that parents will take responsibility for the health of their children.  Talk to your child about maintaining good health and let your doctor know of your intentions.  For now read on and learn and please share – we like people over here.

Non-alcoholic Fatty liver disease occurs when fat builds up in the liver of those who do not drink much alcohol.  The fat can lead to scars and inflammation.  This causes the liver not to function properly.  The number one cause of this disease in children is obesityBy calculating the Body Mass Index of your child you can have an idea if the child is overweight or obese.   A liver biopsy, an imagery or ultrasound test can reveal if a child is suffering from this disease.

Some conditions that can lead to fatty liver disease are:

  • Certain medications
  • High cholesterol
  • Malnutrition
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Obesity
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Toxins and chemicals, such a pesticides
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Wilson disease

😯 Caution:

The Mayo Clinic recommends that teens avoid supplements to build up muscles as this can cause acute liver failure.

Why should parents and caretakers be concerned about a fatty liver in children?

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body responsible for removing toxins from the body, allows the bile to digest fat, and store energy, besides helping with other important organ functions.   Child liver disease can get to the point in which a liver transplant may be necessary.

Action Plan To Help Combat  Fatty Liver

1-    Speak to a specialist about your concern – a concern will not go away so address it

2-    Engage in physical activity and exercise – good health requires fitness

3-    Decrease the amount of time on sedentary activities – television, computers, and other electronic are connected to children lack of exercise

4-    Eat healthy snacks, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grain products – these products contain enzymes that fight fat back

5-    Serve beans – they are filling and healthy

6-    Boost drinking of water – water sustains the body and helps with digestion

7-    Eliminate sodas and sugary drinks – there is a profound connection between these drinks and fat

8-    Do not over pile the child’s plate – teach children to eat normal meals and avoid “super-size.”

9-    Do not serve “junk food” – junk food is connected to the obesity epidemic in this country

10- Seek the help of a wellness counselor or a nutritionist – they can help you with healthy suggestions

11- Read Wellness by Nature and always discuss plans with your doctor – educate and gain knowledge for the benefit of your children.

Well get busy and help those little fellas be healthy!

This PDF file is a gift for YOU and your children.

Your Child Health is YOUR Responsibility: Simple strategies to help your child be healthy

😀 Be Well

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