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Cancer and Nutrition: What Should I eat?

I was visiting a person sick with cancer in a local hospital and I noticed the patient was given a piece of cake. There was no ill intention. However, fructose, sugar, and cancer might not be a good combination. This is so, because during treatment the immune system is being overloaded. The immune system does need fuel and while sugar does provide fuel (energy) during the Cancer treatment, refined sugars might not be the best energy for your body. Please read this article and share with your doctor. Notice that in our articles we use facts from the latest studies possible. While we side up with wellness, we back up with research and facts – so get comfortable and read on. Believe me I am on to something here!

Refined Sugar and Cancer

All is well in moderation, but as obesity and diabetes have demonstrated, we live in a refined sugar addicted society. I know the food industry would want for you to believe all is well with foods prepared with fructose, but it is not. While you can read my other articles about nutrition I am going to give you one simple reason why you should avoid fructose while sick with cancer.

The liver is an essential part of our organism. Imagine this; the liver is the processing plant for your body. This is why:

1-    The Liver as a processing plant works the foods you eat into energy and nutrients.

2-    The liver as a processing plant for your system removes harmful substances for your blood.

So how does fructose affect the liver?

When you feed the processing plant large amounts of fructose, the poor liver has to work over time. While in a processing plant is okay to work overtime sometimes, to do this all the time makes the liver tired. Fructose, including High Fructose Corn Syrup found in sweet drinks, in large amounts taxes the liver tremendously.  So how much more work can the overworked liver do to help your immune system fight back Cancer? Most likely very little because it has used a great amount of energy processing the fructose and has very little energy left to perform needed functions.

Nutrients and Cancer

Cancer is like a monster which has taken a liking to certain part of your body. The Immune system needs the assistance of nutrients to have the power to kick out this unwelcoming intruder from your body. Indeed, the foods that you eat are essential to provide the vitality your run down body need to be healthy again – remove fructose, exception natural fruit in moderation!

Good Nutrients are characterized by the positive substances they provide to your immune system.

Wellness and Good Nutrients and Cancer Treatments

I am aware that you already know this, but I shall say it again just to make you smile, “In Wellness by Nature we believe and take from the power of natural foods.”  So if you are fighting cancer or someone you love is, please speak with your physician and please consider these principles. Eliminate fructose – I already explained why.

Other Principles:

1-    A great number of cancer treatments affect the body in a similar way to an accident in which you have been run down by an 18 wheeler, it leaves your body emaciated, withered, weakened, debilitated, and just lacking life source – read this article to see how wellness and our being works properly.

2-    A cancer treatment by simple statistical data works better with the help of good nutrients. This is a result from the combination of the treatment and the good nutrients fighting back the cancerous cells.

3-    Some cancers, such as the intestines and stomach can give a sensation of fullness, but in actuality the person might not be full at all. This is why the intake of good nutrients is so important. Think about this? If I am fighting back the hideous cancerous cells should I have fructose on my side or a big bowl of red and green veggies full of energizing enzymes?

4-    Some cancer treatment does affect how nutrition works inside your body consequently; this magnifies the need to intake good nutrients.

5-    For the most part, cancer treatments have side effects on nutrition. This is why it is important to eat the good nutrients and be selective. Some side effects are:

  1. Revulsion for food or Nausea
  2. Queasiness and vomiting
  3. Constipation
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Anxiety and Depression

Cancer and Good Nutrients Your Best Friends

Oh Those Wonderful Nutrients [sociallocker id=”1595″]

Alpha-Lipoic-Acid: research has concluded that foods rich in Alpha-Lipoic-Acid, a powerful antioxidant, can help with nerve damaged cause during cancer treatment.

Arginine: research has concluded that arginine contributes to the immune system functions by increasing levels of white blood cells.

Carotenoids: my favorites!! These fellas act as little immune crusaders and free-radical hunters and this is why I just love them. Research concluded they offer protection against cancer.

CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid: In studies concluded CLA are helpful in fighting cancerous cells. It also seems to inhibit growth of tumors.

Essential Fatty Acids:  Research has concluded these acids help fight back degenerative disease including cancer.

To think:

Statically Facts on Cancer

Okay my friends, I hope that this article will help you make informed decisions. While there is no doubt a physician is the best person to help you make the right decisions about Cancer treatments, we simply provide good information which can help with the choices you make. Good nutrient are your bodyguards – literally. Good nutrients can help your body fight back disease and live with QUALITY.

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