Four Simple Steps to Lose Weight and Gain Energy: The Beginning of a Better You

Are you feeling tired? Do you want more energy? Are you trying to lose weight, but it seems impossible.  Today we are going to discuss four simple steps that can help you start gaining vitality back into your life.  Learn, discuss, speak with your doctor, and send us an e-mail.  The team in Wellness by Nature spends a lot of time writing these articles so that you can benefit from them.  Have a wonderful and healthy journey.

As we say, we are what we eat.  If you have kept a poor diet, many factors are contributing to your poor well-being.  For example, there might be parasites living in your intestines.  Your liver might be functioning poorly.  This important organ needs fuel to work optimally. And you should always drink plenty of water.   Follow these steps and start today.

  1. Cleanse your body:

For a minimum of 6 weeks (this is approximately how long it takes to cleanse your body) eliminate as many processed foods as you can (processed foods usually come in boxes, cans and baked.  You might want to eliminate them, as I did.

Eat green: chow down on green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, lettuce, mustard’s greens, kale, etc.  You should use organic vegetables only and pesticide free.

Eliminate refined sugar and eat only sugar from fruits (remember your diets should be 75% vegetables and 25% fruits)

Get a colon cleansing – always speak with your doctor or practitioner.

Drink a glass of wheat grass juice once a day.  Stores sell organic wheat grass in their medicine aisles.

Believe me you will feel the difference

2. Nourish your body:

I recently decided to do some renovations in my house.  I got rid of lots of things.  The result is a clean house and free of clutter.  It is the same with our body.  Once you get it clean, it is time for nourishment.  The best nourishment comes from enzyme rich, organic, and living foods.  We have provided a free e-book that teaches you about juicing.  Juice vegetables and add some wheat grass for powerful nourishment.  When nourishing your body, think of living food, raw vegetables juicing, fruits, legumes, this is the diet that Wellness by Nature writes about in the nutrition section, so read, and do it!  For the most part, if the food item is not alive you might not want to eat it.  The box of cookies although sweet might hinder the progress of the cleansing process and will undermine the nourishing process.  Instead of cookies, you might want to have a bowl of strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, or pineapple.

        3. Rejuvenate your body:

This is very much possible.  If you have cleansed and begun to nourish your body, the body can rejuvenate through these simple techniques:

Continue to drink wheat grass juice

Continue to eat living foods and drink raw vegetable juices

Get a soft brush and brush your skin as this eliminate dead cells

Get a body massage



4. Healing:

ellness-by-Nature-And-Healthy-WaysThis is a long life process.  As you cleanse, continue to nourish the body and the body will begin to rejuvenate, the healing process covers the elimination of negative forces, such as processed foods and a lack of exercise.  Now you can add these things to help you with the healing.

Continue to drink wheat grass juice

Take baths with Epson salts, rinse and dry off.  Apply a good lotion with drops of coconut oil and watch your skin shine through!

Get some sun

Do breathing exercise

Place an air purifier in your house

Grow personally: pursue a passion

Demonstrate love to God, yourself and others

Perform acts of kindness with love.

Meditate and be grateful.  

I once heard a Pastor from India said,

“If you have a plate with beans and rice to eat, you are blessed.”  I would like to add if you have started a journey to gain more energy, to feel better and are able to read and put these principles into practice, you are bless indeed.  Keep on reading wellness by nature and be blessed.

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