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I have noticed that some individuals come to the gym without wearing the proper shoes. Training shoes are important in a workout routine, because they help avoid bodily injury.In this short article, Wellness by Nature will bring some points to consider about training shoes.  Speak to your doctor and please e-mail us with questions.

Why is it important to wear the proper shoes when working out?

Facts About Training Shoes

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  1. The industry designs training shoes accordingly to the type of sport or activity a person might participate in.
  2. The training shoes have features to protect the individual against injury and facilitate the movements of the foot.
  3. Each sport has different requirements.  For example, a basketball shoes is different from a running shoe.
  4. At times, some physical traits require a certain type of shoes.  For example, a heavier person might require a shoes prescribe by a trainer or a doctor, in order to exercise accordingly.
  5. Some shoes have special features due to advances in the field of sport medicine.  These technological advances can make the sport experience a little more enjoyable and facilitates the reaching of goals.   
  6. Every person is different and might require a different type of shoe.  When it comes to training shoes, specialist in the shoe stores can help you make a decision about what kind of shoe is required accordingly to fitness goals, body structures, and even physical needs.

One of the worst things that a person can do is to attempt to maintain a fitness routine without proper shoes.  This can cause

  • Injury
  • Dislocations
  • Pain
  • Accidents

Hints About Training Shoes

I dedicate this to my friend Bob at the store.  He helps me when I need shoes and he reads my site on a regular basis – hello!

  • The upper level should allow for breathing
  • The collar should depress above the heel so it could not damage the Achilles tendon
  • Heel counter should stabilize the heel.
  • Toe area should be protected, but it should give room for movement
  • Mid sole should provide support for shocks or hefty movements – Bob gave me a book on this, but I am trying to keep this short!


Be careful and wear proper shoes.  If you have questions about this contact us:

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