Feeling a little Chunky around the Waistline?

You Should Not Let the Extra Pounds Intimidate You


 Do you want to get back in shape after an accelerated holiday season? O  start on a fitness adventure, leading to a healthier life? I know I have to hit  the gym in order to get back in shape. For me it was my traveling’s last year;  consequently, I could not keep up with my workout routine or healthy eating.


 Everyone has different reasons for losing physical conditioning, for example, a new baby, emotional distress, and even a new friendship. One of my new friends loves to eat sugar! We are in the process of helping her remove a passion for sweets! In this article, I will give you very simple tips to start the new you! Please speak with you doctor and know that you can achieve your fitness goals – Share with others!!

Sound Tips:

Set Your Goals – ask yourself why you want to be fit. It might seems obvious that maybe you want to be healthier. However, I like to motivate myself with benchmarks for fitness. Some of these are:

  • I will be attending a wellness convention
  • I am taking a cruise with my husband
  • I am meeting a new client
  • It is my anniversary
  • I am going on vacation with my family
  • I need more energy!

Find at least one benchmark and place it in your mind, soul and body – tell it to yourself as a reminder and attach it to your fitness goal.

“I need to be fit because I want to look good for the division sale’s meeting.”

 Change Your Attitude towards Physical Activity.

Consistency: this is huge. Life is busy and things come. But if you want to be fit, you need to be consistent in your exercise routine.

Your commitment to Consistency:

  • Pick a month in which you will start your routine (soon I hope and not in June)
  • Start doing this every other day:
  • Commit to 20 minutes of exercise the two first weeks of the month.
  • Commit to 30 minutes of exercise the last two weeks of the month.
  • Continue for the next three months.
  • On the Fourth month, stay on 30 minutes and continue to increase accordingly to your experience and level of fitness. My routine is 45 minutes to one hour, 4 times a week.

Your family commitment to your consistency:

  • Families take energy and time.
  • Have a meeting and explain your desire to be fit. If possible, include your family in the fitness plan. I always included my sons when they were children, and they continue to engage in wellness living today.
  • Be kind but firm – try to plan their activities on the days between your committed days.
  • Remember, your health, whether good or poor, does affect the whole family – be well not just for your sake, but the sake of others, especially those who depend on you.

Find an Accountability Partner

  • Pick a person who will be kind, but honest with you – do not be upset if this person reminds you about your lack of commitment. You have chosen this person for good reasons so do not sabotage the efforts.

Write Down Your Physical Activity Routine:

  • Whatever routine you pick, write it down. This is a simple example. This coming week I will provide more concrete exercises that you can add to a routine.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Off Swim Off Power Walk Off Walk / Running



Be Flexible but do not be paralyzed by the flexibility. For example, if it a rainy day, put on some music and dance for ½ an hour.

Plan weekly if you have a very busy schedule but practice consistency

Chose activities which you enjoy!

Be on the lookout for saboteurs – Yes, even among the people who love us you might find saboteurs.

Use good shoes – if your feet hurt from using bad shoes, how can you enlist your well being to exercise?

If you need help hire a wellness or fitness and even life coach – there is a reason why we have gone through training.

Read Wellness by Nature – we are here to help and we love it!

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