Exercise: Is Not Just for Athletes!

Exercise Is Good For You and Me and the World… and you don’t have to be an athlete to get great exercise. In the Article Wellness, a Practical Definition, and Structures, we define Wellness as a moving being, which affects all areas of our lives, spiritual and physical.  This is why so important that in order for a person to take a proactive and preventive approach to experience wellness in specific areas such as,

Today we shall look at exercise not just as a physical activity but as a natural activity, which is as important as to breathe clean air.  The body needs air as much as it needs the movement of muscles. If a person does not exercise the muscles, the muscles will become weak.  Besides, there are other benefits to exercise, such as raising good cholesterol, help control blood pressure, and help with management of weight, among other.  In this article, we will consider the dynamics of the process of exercise as part of a foundation to have a better quality of life through a new perception of how to approach exercise in wellness– speak with your doctor and be well.  

In the active pursuing of Wellness, there are certain principles that are not negotiable.  In other words, and as Wellness by Nature has mentioned before, you must practice these principles.  More so, these principles are a powerful aid in achieving a more productive and healthier life. For example, the CDC sates that individuals who are physically active more than 5 hours a week decrease the risk of dying earlier by 40%.   

Principle: Exercise Often

  • Exercise includes dance, calisthenics, games, and other activities such as running, swimming, walking, etc.
  • Exercise can be low, moderate, and high intensity.  For example, walking in moderation comprises low intensity.   
  • The intensity of the exercise is dependent of the fitness level of the person; however, any person can perform low intensity exercise, unless advised against by a doctor.

Provocative thought: although people know that exercise is necessary, they refuse to do it! Why you think is so?

I have spent a lot of time observing, interviewing, and attempting to guide people to make better wellness choices.  When comes to exercise I think that the main reason why people do not exercise is the way they perceive exercise. Many individuals see exercise as an activity, at times advised by a physician, at time boring, frustrating, and even annoying.  More so, I think that the relationship between exercise and athletes had lead many of us to think of exercise as a demanding activity, to push the strength of the muscles to the higher levels, to have strong calves and arms – not true!

This is the reason why our perception of exercise needs a tune-up.  Indeed, and because our well-being needs the benefits of exercise, our perception needs de- clogging. In wellness the purpose of exercise to empower the well-being to live a healthier, quality oriented, optimal way of life – the medal that you will get is not comparable to the professional athletes.  Instead, the medal is invisible and simple the aura of motivation to conduct your daily life full of life power, energy, well-being, and knowing that “Yes, I can do this.”

Wellness by Nature has developed some simple basic Wellness values, which will help you change the perception.  These values are copy right by WellnessbyNature.org; feel free to share them with others.  In sharing of our knowledge, we become a much healthier society.

Value One: Exercise as a Natural Proactive and Preventive Action

In Wellness, Exercise, a physical activity with the purpose to be healthy and fit has the embed goal to increase the quality of life. In fact, exercise has psychological as well as physical well-being properties.  No doubt and well documented, exercise plays a role against obesity, heart disease, and mental stress.  So if you think of exercise as a natural proactive and preventive action, it would be easier to adhere to a regular routine.  As a natural proactive and preventive action, exercise aim at increase well-being and decrease risk for illness.  Consider that with sickness come a series of disturbances to the whole being.   In fact, in sickness, there is turmoil in the mind, soul, and body.  This causes the adherence to treatments that are not always well-being friendly. An example of this is cardiovascular disease.  Individuals with these disease spent many hours at the doctor office; have to take numerous medication; and in severe cases, the person might need to undergone serious surgery.

Heart of Value # 1

I will commit to exercise as part of my quest for wellness because by taking this proactive and preventive action, I decrease my risk for serious disease in the future.   

Factors to consider in Exercise as a Natural Proactive and Preventive Action

Type of exercise

The intensity of the exercise

The frequency of the exercise

The duration of the exercise

The progression of the exercise

Value Two: Exercise as a Live and Productive Relationship that requires Loyalty

Loyalty is an intrinsically value that comes from cherishing something to which we have developed an identification with.  For example, our soldiers have a loyalty to this nation.  More so, and because we valued the service to our soldier, we would develop a bond loyalty to them. It is the same with exercise, well-being, and loyalty.  Exercise as a preventive measure simply wants your best, a healthy well-being.  It is like a loyal dog waiting for play time.  Because it is loyal to you, it renders a close connection and develop your loyalty to wellness and exercise – it wants was is good for you!  It is of value to you with tremendous benefit and this benefit legitimizes the loyal relationship

This value simply means that a person must be committed to a regular routine of exercise.  In this, a person might need the help of a coach, a motivator, or simply a friend that wants to see you succeed.  The most important thing to know is that the exercise should continue even during those times that you just do not feel like it!

Heart of Value #2

I will commit to exercise as part of my quest for wellness because Exercise is loyal to my well-being as it seeks to strengthen my health and quality of life.  Reciprocally, I will be loyal to exercise as I value the relationship.   

Factors to consider in Exercise as a Live and Productive Relationship that requires Loyalty

Commitment to Wellness

Commitment to Exercise

Value #3: Exercise as an adjustable mode of action

This is another principle important to know when it comes to exercise.  In Wellness, we consider the well-being as the main guidepost to let the body know needed adjustments in an exercise routine.  A physical exercise professional can help.  The routine should allow for flexibility because at time the well-being needs the flexibility to continue.  Additionally, to exercise every other day increases the opportunity to exercise.  For example, an every other day routine allows to perform other activities – you would not feel restrained to time.  Also, the beginning of the exercises routine should be low impact exercise, low in intensity and work to higher level progressively. As with any exercise, an individual should always be careful.  The risk of injury or even death increases with higher level of the intensity of the exercise routine.

Heart of Value #3

I will commit to exercise as part of my quest for wellness because I exercise is an adjustable type of action, which allows my well-being the flexibility to listen to my body and adjust my exercise routine accordingly.     

Factors to consider in Exercise as a Mode of Action wellness-brain-and-wellness-by-nature




Exercise and Risk


Social activity


In conclusion, if you want to make exercise part of wellness, there is a need for a re-definition. For example, our perception of exercise needs a tune-up.  Indeed, and because our well-being needs the benefits of exercise, our perception needs de-clogging.   In order to does so, you should view exercise as:

  • Exercise as a Natural Proactive Preventive Action
  • Exercise as a live and productive relationship that requires loyalty
  • Exercise as an adjustable mode of action

Remember that your body is a living being that needs physical activity.  Through exercise your whole being, mind, soul, and body benefits to include an extension of life, full of quality and less anxiety – be well and come back to Wellness by Nature

We love ya, but ya already know that!

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