About Me


 Life is a journey.  And in every step taken, there is an opportunity to start anew. 

My journey with Wellness by Nature began a couple years ago with a simple idea, to facilitate the sharing of knowledge about wellness and health concerns with seekers.  I was literally a fitness fanatic, climbing the highest mountain was in my bucket list and then I began to sink like a rock in quick sand!

I began to lose energy and my zest for life.


Although working out and eating right was part of my regiment, I suddenly started to enjoy a bag of chips and exchange the weights and the gym for a remote control: TV, chips and sodas became my friends. You know that song, “I am falling and don’t know why?”

It was becoming my national anthem.  I often heard, “it is an age thing.” I decided to question assumptions and analyze my physical and spiritual journeys.  It took strength to slap myself and I decided that I wanted my old life back – I like energy and it does not come by eating potatoes chips!

I am a college graduate, and I am a Life and Wellness Coach.  I love my family and enjoy my friends.  I am also a former Business Owner and have experience leading a Nonprofit Organizations at the executive level.  I am a recognized member of WHO’S WHO for my charity work.  To question assumptions and to seek enlightenment has been part of my personal and professional life.

So when clients come seeking to find out why they are so worn out, I am able to help them because I  know how it feels to have very little energy, being tired, and not being able to focus.   In fact, these clients were the inspiration for Wellness by Nature.  And they have become the purpose for the life of Wellness by Nature.

I began to formally learn about nutrition, health, and exercise in my early twenties.   But I decided to take it seriously in my thirties.  I learned that food and other personal choices that we make daily affect the connection between mind, soul, and body.   mind body soul


We have a right to know and a responsibility to share with others.  By a process of elimination I personally found out that, I was eating foods that I thought were safe.  They were not.  Natural does not mean safe or even healthy – read the labels and ingredients.  I thought that a cookie should be made of a hand full of ingredients, not twenty – hello!

Along this road, I have met others who shared this passion.  Besides the guidance of my magnificent God, my coach, my editor in chief, my awesome and excellent web developer :), I have found other professionals, such as Doctor Neal Bernard, who are challenging the present condition of wellness in America.

I have traveled all over the world learning about powerful foods and techniques to help people manage their wellness at ease and in a simple manner.  My favorite cooking training happened in Tuscany, Italy where I learned about the healing power of olives!  Though I am always recommending that clients speak with their physician as I did, Wellness by Nature gives one more choice – to read and learn about natural resources and methods that can lead to a higher quality of life and a strong sense of well-being.

Indeed, YOU can use abilities, skills and gifts, and achieve wellness in the mind, soul, and body.

It is about acting proactively and preemptively.  Do your remember Yoda in Star Wars? That little green man was always thinking and being proactive “let the force be with you.”

Although my education, BS, MS, M.Div., and experience as a counselor and training as a coach are helpful, there is one fact that captures my heart, like a gecko captures a fly,  people from all genders and ages are struggling with physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns.  And I would argue that many would like to experience well-being.

With Wellness by Nature, we are partaking in this struggle by providing tools, methods, and overall information in bite-sized chunks that you can digest.  It is simple and easy to read.  And if you have, questions contact me – I would love to help answer any concern that you might have.  We stay current with our information and publish articles and aids frequently.  We also work cooperatively with other caring professionals willing and able to help.

Wishing you a wellness by nature kind of journey, look up in hope, look inside to find the strength and look back no more – take your beginner steps to a healthier, zestier and joyful You!